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We all have those busy weekends…the ones with back-to-back family obligations, errands and social gatherings. Do you often find that you are more exhausted on Monday morning than when you left work on Friday? Do you ever notice how physically and mentally gross you feel on those Mondays? Did you know there’s an explanation for that gross feeling and it isn’t as simple as being tired? It is called sleep debt and as it increases, our health and well-being decreases.

Sleep isn’t just a nice break from our busy days, it is essential to our health! This reality is even more true for babies and young children. We focus so much on ensuring our children get the proper nutrition, we tend to forget that sleep is just as crucial for their long-term health and development!

Hi! I’m Emma – sleep consultant and founder of Storybook Sleep!

I’m a new mom who learned the hard way what a nightmare sleep deprivation can be, especially with a crying baby in your arms! Endless Google searches didn’t give me any consistent answers. The idea of listening to my son cry and hoping that he would fall asleep was not just heartbreaking, but emotionally and physically draining.  Finding an alternative to the standard ‘cry it out’ solution was vital for my son, but also for my health and sanity! After our oldest started sleeping through the night, I wanted to share this blessing with as many families as I possibly can!

I use a gentle approach of education, support and a customized step-by-step sleep plan in order to help children (and their parents!) get a full night’s sleep and develop successful sleep routines for the long term.

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