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Meet Emma

Hi there! I’m Emma DeRaaf and I am a wife, mother, sleep consultant and the founder of Storybook Sleep Consulting!

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada with my husband and our sons. Some of my favourite hobbies include reading, baking, hiking and watching NFL football!

The Story of Storybook

When I got pregnant with our oldest in 2019, I was nervous about a lot of things, but my biggest fear was sleep deprivation. Have you ever noticed how often people make comments like “better rest up while you can!” and “enjoy your sleep now!”? It honestly scared me senseless! Was I never going to sleep again? Somebody actually told me that I would never sleep through the night again after having kids!

Fortunately, I had friends who shared with me their experience working with a local sleep consultant and how she had “saved their lives”. I was so excited to hear about this miracle worker. There was hope for new parents! When our son started sleeping through the night, it was such a blessing – one that I honestly feared would never come! I blamed most of that fear on the lack of education available regarding sleep. Since having our oldest, I have extensively researched and studied the science of sleep and I cannot wait to share this knowledge with you and your little ones.

The name Storybook Sleep is an expression of my lifelong love for books and my newfound joy in reading my son a bedtime story. Sharing stories is a special way that we end our day together, knowing that we’ll reunite in the morning well-rested and ready for another day.

And Now...

I'm here to help you!

You don’t need to be afraid of sleepless nights any longer! Together we will come up with a plan with safe and effective steps that match your child’s age and developmental needs in order to provide consistent, quality sleep!

Happy Families

What people are saying

I cannot think of any words to express my sincere gratitude for this program. It has literally changed our lives. I now have the energy to take care of my children and I even have time for myself. Thank you Emma! To anyone thinking of trying this program, don’t hesitate for a moment longer.

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